NBA free agency guide: Everything you need to know about 2024 free agency


When the season is over NBA free agency becomes the biggest story in basketball, because unlike the playoffs every team is active on the open market. Before the free agent frenzy kicks off in July, get a look at all the key details you will need to know about 2024 NBA free agency.

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What is NBA Free Agency?

NBA free agency is just like in any other sport. Various contracts around the league expire at the end of the season and the player no longer contracted to a specific team is allowed to test their value on the open market and take a deal from the highest or most interesting bidder.

When does NBA Free Agency start in 2024?

Before teams can talk with players from other teams they have a chance to re-up with talent already on the roster immediately after the last game of the NBA Finals.

Then starting on June 30, organizations are allowed to start talking to free-agent players from around the league. Even if they have agreed to terms on a contract the players can not officially sign those deals until July 6.

What time does free agency start?

The time teams can start talking to available players is at 6 PM ET on June 30. Contracts can then be signed starting at 12:01 PM ET on July 6.

When does NBA Free Agency end in 2024?

nba free agency
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Free agency runs through the offseason and during the regular season. The only time when new players can’t be added to rosters is during the NBA Playoffs.

How does NBA Free Agency work?

Players who are no longer contracted to a specific team are allowed to start speaking with interested organizations starting at 6 PM ET on June 30. They can then finalize agreed-upon pacts by putting pen to paper a minute after noon on July 6. Officially beginning those deals with their new or current team.

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When did NBA Free Agency Begin?

NBA free agency as we know it today began in 1988 when a brand new collective bargaining agreement created unrestricted free agent guidelines that allowed players to test their value on the open market each summer.

Who are free agents in NBA 2024?

Below you can get a list of who we feel are the 20 best players in the 2024 class of NBA free agency, including Paul George and Klay Thompson.

  • Malik Monk, guard
  • Moritz Wagner, center
  • Buddy Hield, guard
  • Jonas Valanciunas, center
  • Bruce Brown, guard
  • D’Angelo Russell, guard
  • Klay Thompson, guard
  • Patrick Williams, forward (restricted)
  • Miles Bridges, forward
  • Tobias Harris, forward
  • Nic Claxton, center
  • OG Anunoby, forward
  • James Harden, guard
  • Immanuel Quickley, guard
  • DeMar DeRozan, forward
  • Pascal Siakam, forward
  • LeBron James, forward (Player Option)
  • Tyrese Maxey, guard (Restricted)
  • Paul George, forward

Who started free agency in sports?

St. Louis Cardinals star Curt Flood is the man credited with starting the professional sports free agent movement as we know it in 1969 when he pushed for new guidelines to allow players to test their value with other franchises. Eventually a Supreme Court ruling in 1972 opened the door to free agency in North American pro sports.

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