Sons of NFL legends Frank Gore and Terrell Owens sign with their dads’ former teams


The 2024 NFL Draft was expected to make history for the number of quarterbacks and offensive players drafted in Round 1. However, the 2024 class also was well-known for bloodlines, including the sons of NFL legends Terrell Owens and Frank Gore.

Marvin Harrison Jr. was the best example, following in the footsteps of his Fall of Fame father, with many believing the Arizona Cardinals’ first-round pick could have just as much success in the NFL. However, h was far from the only player in the 2024 NFL Draft class whose father played at the highest level.

  • Terrell Ownes stats (San Francisco 49ers): 592 receptions, 8,572 receiving yards, 81 touchdowns in 121 games played

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Defensive lineman Kris Jenkins, the son of former All-Pro defensive tackle Kris Jenkins, was selected by the Cincinnati Bengals with the 49th overall pick. Linebacker Jeremiah Trotter Jr, the son of former four-time Pro Bowl linebacker Jeremiah Trotter, was selected by the Philadelphia Eagles with the 155th overall selection.

There are also examples of bloodlines among current NFL players. Max Melton, the 43rd overall pick by the Arizona Cardinals, is the younger brother of Green Bay Packers wide receiver Bo Melton. In addition, All-Pro running back Christian McCaffrey’s brother – wide receiver Luke McCaffrey – was taken by the Washington Commanders with the 100th overall pick in the third round. Plus, on a day of heartbreak, Jerry Rice’s son Brenden was picked by the Los Angeles Chargers in Round 7.

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While the sons of Owens and Gore didn’t have the opportunity to hear their names called in the 2024 NFL Draft, much like the Trotter family, they could have the opportunity to see their son wear the same uniform their father did.

Terique Owens, who played wide receiver for the Missouri State Bears, signed as an undrafted free agent with the San Francisco 49ers on Saturday, rejoining the franchise where his father’s NFL career began. Meanwhile, Frank Gore Jr. landed a contract as an undrafted free agent with the Buffalo Bills, potentially beginning his career in pro football where his father put the finishing touches on his Hall of Fame career.

While signing as UDFAs makes it unlikely that either Terique or Frank Gore Jr. will make 53-man rosters in 2024, just making it to the NFL has to be considered an accomplishment considering the minuscule odds of that happening for most college football players (1.6 percent) reaching the NFL.

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