NFL insider believes Denver Broncos will make a stunning pick in Round 1 for the most ‘ready now’ QB in this draft


The Denver Broncos have been linked to Oregon star quarterback Bo Nix on some pre-draft boards, and one notable NFL Draft expert believes the organization could land the signal-caller who is the most ready to succeed in 2024.

The Broncos are in a difficult spot when it comes to the NFL Draft order for Round 1 of the event on Thursday. While picking twelfth should offer a very good opportunity to land an impact player, Denver desperately needs to find a future franchise QB after sending Russell Wilson packing in March.

  • Denver Broncos draft picks (2024): No. 12, No. 76, No. 121, No. 136, No. 145, No. 147, No. 203, No. 207

Unfortunately for the team, their first pick is in a place where they could miss out on the four QBs that most draft analysts believe are the best in this year’s class. Those are Caleb Williams, Drake Maye, Jayden Daniels, and JJ McCarthy. However, there are a couple of quarterbacks that will be available at that point in Round 1 that are certainly very interesting prospects.

While many might assume Washington star Michael Penix Jr. is the next-best QB available, there has been some momentum behind Oregon signal caller Bo Nix in recent days, and according to Sports Illustrated Senior NFL writer Conor Orr the Denver Broncos could shockingly trade up a couple of spots to make him their top selection in 2024 due to his ability to make an impact right away in 2024.

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Could the Denver Broncos reach for Oregon star Bo Nix in Round 1?

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“Here’s the first absolute stunner of the NFL draft. I see everyone with Bo Nix as an early second-round pick, but I think he offers Sean Payton something unique: Nix is ready now,” Orr wrote. “He’s not going to have the same kind of rookie learning curve. He’s matured. He’s also incredibly developed as a passer and set the NCAA record for completion percentage a year ago. While we don’t know next year’s class of quarterbacks that well, I think that’s part of the problem. So who is to say the Broncos will have a better shot?

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“… The move is also symbolic. Payton missed out on Patrick Mahomes years ago when the Chiefs came up to this very spot. He leapfrogs the Patriots, who also heavily scouted Nix’s pro day, to lock up their projected 2024 starter. I’ll add that this pick feels a little like the Giants–Daniel Jones pick in that we may all view Nix as less of a true first-round prospect and feel like Denver can move back up in the first round to get him.”

That would be a stunning development. However, considering Sean Payton’s history with quarterbacks like Drew Brees, Denver is likely to run the risk and allow him to reach for Nix if he truly believes he is the perfect fit for their team for their system next season and beyond.

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