Report reveals 4 reasons why JJ McCarthy hype has surged recently and will be a draft target for Giants, Broncos, and Vikings


A new report getting the opinions of top decision makers around the NFL has pulled the curtain back on why JJ McCarthy’s hype has surged in recent weeks and organizations like the New York Giants, Denver Broncos, and Minnesota Vikings may use their first pick in the NFL Draft on the Michigan star.

The 2024 NFL Draft has one of the best quarterback classes the event has seen in years. With quite a few teams around the league in need of a prospect with franchise QB potential, there is a belief that the opening round of next week’s event could set records for the number of passers selected.

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For months players like Caleb Williams, Drake Maye, and Jayden Daniels have been seen as the best of the best, however, over the last couple of months the draft stock of Michigan QB JJ McCarthy has soared. After helping lead the Wolverines to a National Championship in January he has gone from a second or third-tier quarterback prospect for some into one that could be taken in the top five of the NFL Draft.

While his stock has risen sharply in recent weeks, many around the sport don’t buy into the hype and feel he is a risky pick for teams in the top 10 to 15 who might select him on April 25. However, on Tuesday ESPN NFL insider Jeremy Fowler revealed the results of recent conversations with NFL executives about McCarthy and it explained the reasons why he has flown up many draft boards.

JJ McCarthy’s arm strength and Michigan system are part of why his hype has grown so fast

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In discussions with execs around the NFL, there were four different reasons why the hype on JJ McCarthy has sky-rocketed after Michigan won their title earlier this year. Firstly, while some have knocked the amount of passing he did in the Wolverines system, many talent evaluators believe being in a pro-style system under new Los Angeles Chargers head coach Jim Harbaugh showed early signs of what the prospect can do at the next level.

“You see him process, go through progressions. That’s an easier predictor of what it would look like at the NFL level,” one executive told Fowler. For those who felt Harbaugh hid his weaknesses with how games were called, another NFL scout claimed McCarthy’s pro day “validated some things” because he had “one of the best pro days” they had ever seen from a passer.

Adding to that second reason is the fact that many teams have been impressed by McCarthy’s arm strength in video and after his pro day. While there are certainly questions about accuracy and consistency, he reportedly showed he could “do it all” when it comes to throwing the ball as an NFL-level QB.

Lastly, one other NFL talent evaluator praised McCarthy’s “leadership and makeup” ahead of his move to the next level. For a player in a position that is always thrust into a role as a team leader and the face of the franchise, it is understandable why some teams put a high value on the characteristic.

The report once again pointed to the Giants (six), Vikings (11), and Broncos (12) as likely suitors for JJ McCarthy in Round 1.

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