2024 MLS standings: Latest records in the MLS Eastern and Western Conferences


With the 2024 MLS season underway, stay up to date with the current MLS standings throughout the season.

Eastern Conference MLS standings

Teams Record (W-D-L) Points
Miami 2-1-0 7
DC 1-1-0 4
Columbus 1-1-0 4
NY Red Bulls 1-1-0 4
Montreal 1-1-0 4
Cincinnati 1-1-0 4
Charlotte 1-1-0 4
Toronto 1-1-0 4
Philadelphia 0-2-0 2
Nashville 0-2-0 2
Chicago 0-1-1 1
Orlando City 0-1-1 1
Atlanta 0-0-1 0
New England 0-0-2 0
New York City 0-0-2 0

Western Conference

Teams Record (W-D-L) Points
Portland 1-1-0 4
LA Galaxy 1-1-0 4
St. Louis 1-1-0 4
Salt Lake 1-1-1 4
Minnesota 1-1-0 4
Dallas 1-0-1 3
LAFC 1-0-1 2
Kansas City 0-2-0 1
Vancouver 0-1-0 1
Houston 0-1-1 1
Seattle 0-1-1 1
Austin 0-1-1 1
Colorado 0-1-1 1
San Jose 0-0-2 0

How do MLS standings work?

Major League Soccer — and most professional soccer leagues — have a points-based standings system. Similar to what North American fans are used in the NHL, clubs in MLS earn points off victories and ties during the regular season.

For a win, teams get two points and when they end regulation tied the two sides each get a point on the MLS standings.

What does MLS stand for in soccer?

MLS is the acronym for Major League Soccer. The 31-year-old league is the top pro soccer league in the United States.

How many MLS teams are in the Eastern Conference and Western Conference?

There are currently 29 teams in the MLS standings. There are 15 sides in the Eastern Conference and 14 in the Western Conference. There are likely to be expansion teams coming to the league in the next few years.

How do MLS playoffs work?

There are four separate rounds in the MLS playoffs. The wild-card round, conference semifinals, conference finals, and the MLS Cup — or the championship game. Seven teams make it to the postseason in each conference and the squad with the best record gets a by for the wild-card round.

The opening round is a best-three series for the six teams involved.

What is the MLS Cup?

mls standings
Credit: USA Today Network

The MLS Cup is the game every team in the league wants to get to since it is the championship game for the league each season.

Who are the current MLS champions?

For the second time in the last four years, the Columbus Crew were able to win the MLS Cup when they defeated the defending champions LAFC by a score of 2-1 in the 2023 MLS Cup. The Crew is one of the league’s early teams and joined MLS all the way back in 1994.

What is the supporter’s shield?

Similar to the President’s Trophy in the NHL, the MLS Supporter’s Shield is given to the club that ends a particular season with the top record in the league.

Who invented soccer?

FIFA contends that truly organized soccer games began in England in 1863. However, there is evidence that kicking a ball around with an actual purpose dates back to a Chinese military manual from the second and third centuries.

How many players are on a soccer team?

Similar to American football, soccer has 22 players on the field at once, 11 for each side. The groups feature one goalie and the other 10 broken up into positions like defenders, midfielders, and forwards.

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