2024 Super Bowl LVIII Betting Aftermath: Shopping Around Pays Dividends


Several storylines are coming out of Super Bowl LVIII and below we discuss some of the bad beats and the lessons learned from the Chiefs’ 25-22 victory over the 49ers.

Multiple Outs Are Critical

We constantly hear that professional sports bettors always have multiple outs (sportsbooks) that they use so they can determine the best lines available and give themselves a critical edge. The recreational bettor routinely uses only one sportsbook because they prefer the bonuses, the interface, or the odds boosts they get from that particular book and don’t understand the power of shopping for the best lines.

Sticking to one sportsbook can cost you money and we saw that in action at Super Bowl LVIII with the total in the big game. Some shops were not moving off the opening total of 47½ and some even edged north to 48 for a bit.

Yet, the total at many shops began to drop half a point to 47 or even a full point south to 46½ at some of the major sportsbooks. As the game began to unfold, it didn’t appear as though this contest would be going high. Even when the Chiefs’ Harrison Butker split the uprights with a 29-yard field goal to tie the game at 19 apiece with just three seconds left in regulation, those who had wagered under the posted total looked to be in good shape.

Overtime Turns the Tables

But a few funny things happened in overtime as the 49ers were able to put three points on the board, courtesy of a 27-yard Jake Moody field goal. Now it was Patrick Mahomes’ job to either match it or score a Super Bowl-clinching touchdown. As we all know by now, the future Hall of Famer bolstered his legacy with a historic seven-minute-plus drive that ended with a three-yard touchdown pass to Mecole Hardman.

The Chiefs captured a 25-22 victory which put the game’s total at 47 on the dot. Those who had multiple outs and could compare lines were able to get a 46 or 46½ total if they were going over which would have brought home the cash. But those who had only one out either pushed at 47 or lost if they went over 47½. However, those who bet under 47½ were also rewarded.

Make sure to shop around. You’ll be glad you did.

Most Popular Props

Will the Coin Toss Be Heads or Tails?

It had been reported that one of the major Las Vegas sportsbooks had taken a $650,000 wager on tails. Oh well, so sad, too bad, heads was the winner!

First Score of The Game Will Be?

If you chose field goal at +130, then you got off to a solid start of betting at Super Bowl LVIII.

Which Player Will Score 1st Touchdown?

Running back Christian McCaffrey broke the plane of the end zone with 4:23 remaining in the opening quarter and cashed at +450.

Who Will Win MVP?

The public is smitten with chalky bets, but this is one that easily cashed as Patrick Mahomes paid a paltry +150 and took home his third Super Bowl MVP Award.

Passing yards Patrick Mahomes (O/U 261.5)

The 49ers came into this Super Bowl matchup with one of the finest passing defenses in the league, but they could not stop Patrick Mahomes’ aerial assault. When the dust settled and the smoke cleared, Mahomes would toss for 333 yards, easily eclipsing the 261½ total.

Passing yards Brock Purdy (O/U 248.5)

Brock Purdy’s passing yards total was almost as high as Mahomes, which led many to believe that under was the sharp side. However, Purdy proved the naysayers wrong and eased on by the posted total of 248½ with 255 passing yards.

Rushing yards Chiefs Isiah Pacheco O/U 70.5

This is one prop that burned me, as I expected Pacheco to have a big game despite San Francisco owning a formidable run-stop unit. That kind of begs the question as to why I thought Pacheco would be able to run roughshod over this Niners’ front line, but those who were wiser than I bet under and were rewarded, as Pacheco was able to muster only 59 yards.

Rushing yards 49ers RB Chrisitan McCaffrey O/U 90.5

If you liked the Chiefs in this game then you probably bet under in this prop. As we all know, Christian McCaffrey is the straw that stirs the drink on this 49ers’ offense but the Chiefs were able to limit the one-man-wrecking crew both on the ground and through the air. All those who bet under were rewarded as McCaffrey was able to ramble for only 80 yards.

Receiving yards Chiefs TE Travis Kelce O/U 79.5

It all looks so easy after the game, doesn’t it? How could Kelce not get over 79½ receiving yards, especially when he is Mahomes’ go-to guy? Well, those who bet under in this prop were counting their money after the first half but Kelce came to life in the second and tallied 93 receiving yards, cashing a ticket for those who bet over the posted total in this one.

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