Super Bowl 58 2-pt conversion odds: Will there be a successful 2-point conversion?


Super Bowl 58 between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers is just about here. It kicks off on Sunday at 6:30 pm ET inside Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas. It’s coming up fast, but there is still time to get in the game and wager on all kinds of available betting markets.

One of those markets involves 2-point conversions. Will there or won’t there be a successful conversion during the grand finale of the 2023 NFL season? Let’s take a look at the odds and best bets to make.

Super Bowl 58 2-point conversion odds and history

“Yes” to a 2-point conversion attempt by either team at any point in the game is +125; “No” is -165. A successful 2-point conversion in the Super Bowl would pay out at +280.

There have been 11 successful 2-point tries in Super Bowl history. Three have come in the last 7 games, including 2 in Super Bowl 51 between the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons. Last year, Philadelphia Eagles’ quarterback Jalen Hurts punched one in against the Chiefs. Despite making frequent appearances on this stage, neither Kansas City nor San Francisco has ever delivered a 2-point conversion during the biggest game in football.

Super Bowl 58 2-pt conversion prediction: Any player to have an octopus (+1400) 

In case you aren’t familiar with an octopus, that’s when the same player scores both a touchdown and the ensuing 2-point conversion on the same possession. Since the 2-point conversion was adopted in 1994, there have been more than 8,200 games played. There have been 188 octopi – all in different games. That means they happen about 2.3 percent of the time.

As such, +1400 odds don’t seem like enough, but it would be fun to say you cashed a successful octopus bet in the Super Bowl! And, guess what… for the first time in Super Bowl history, it happened last year! Hurts followed up a touchdown run by running in the 2-point conversion. For what it’s worth, “No” to an octopus being scored is -4000. 

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