49ers vs. Chiefs 2024 Super Bowl LVIII Exotic Props: Funny & Weird Wagers You Can Make


The Super Bowl is like a challenge for the top online betting sites to offer the weirdest, most ludicrous betting markets they can think of, because they know some people are still going to place bets on them anyway.

Remember, a lot of people watch the Super Bowl for anything but the football part of it. That same kind of people would be far more interested in betting on a wardrobe malfunction for a performer than if Brandon Aiyuk will have over/under 4.5 catches.

A favorite funny prop from last year’s Super Bowl was whether a Kelce brother would punch the other brother on the field since Travis and Jason were the 1st pair of brothers to meet in a Super Bowl. But it was all brotherly love even if Jason had to be disappointed his Eagles did not come through and little brother beat him to ring No. 2.

Can that be topped this year? Looking over the lists at various sportsbooks, they clearly have outdone last year. Here are some of the weird wagers you can place for this year’s Super Bowl between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers.

Please take into account that not all the following markets are available throughout the U.S. given that some states have different legislations when it comes to exotic props. Don’t forget to check out or do’s and don’ts of Super Bowl LVIII props betting!

Friendly Reminder: Just because you can bet on something, it doesn’t mean you should!

Anthem with a Bang!

Will Reba McEntire Show Cleavage During the National Anthem?

  • No: -500
  • Yes: +300

Hey, when people are going to bet real money on a 50/50 coin flip with -105 odds, you can bet without shame whether a 68-year-old woman is going to show some cleavage when she sings the National Anthem.

A country singer of her age would seem to make this lean towards no, but we did recently see a 77-year-old Dolly Parton dressed up like a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader for an awkward performance on Thanksgiving, so anything is possible.

I would sooner bet yes on this than anything involving the coin flip.

Lights Out!

Will the Power Go Out During the Game?

  • Yes: (+1600)

This is a callback to Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans when the power went out early in the 2nd half after the Ravens led 28-6. Some in Baltimore thought it was done purposely to slow their momentum and allow the 49ers to compose themselves, and the game did soon start going San Francisco’s way. But the 49ers still lost 34-31.

They always keep the lights running in Vegas, don’t they?

Flash From the Past?

Will Usher Expose a Nipple on Stage?

  • No: -150
  • Yes: +110

Poor Janet Jackson. They just won’t forget about the nipple slip and the infamous wardrobe malfunction at the Super Bowl over 20 years ago. But this is a consistent prop available for the Super Bowl halftime show because of that incident.

I don’t know enough about Usher’s performances to know if he’ll go shirtless, but the odds are almost split, and it doesn’t seem entirely out of the question for him to do that during the show.

It can’t be any worse than Adam Levine of Maroon 5 showing off his nipples (and many tattoos) during a halftime show in 2019.

SGP Proposal

Chiefs Win & Travis Kelce Proposes to Taylor Swift from the Field

  • Yes: (+1500)

You knew it was coming. Given sportsbooks are offering a post-game proposal at roughly +210 odds, and you know Travis Kelce will never do this if the Chiefs lose the game, the odds here are pretty solid if you are so sure this romance is going to have a Hollywood script ending.

There are also Swift-related props for:

  • If Taylor will be seen mouthing a curse word (let’s hope so)
  • If she will hug Patrick Mahomes or Andy Reid first
  • If she will reject Travis’ proposal
  • If CBS will show her navel
  • If she is wearing pants, shorts, a skirt, a dress, leggings, or a leotard
  • If she’ll be seen crying if the Chiefs lose
  • If she’ll say the game was “rigged” if the Chiefs lose

It should be quite the night.

Smelly Joe

Joe Biden Sniffs Taylor’s Hair at White House Ceremony for Chiefs

  • Yes: (+10000)

The full requested prop here is that the Chiefs win the game, Taylor Swift goes with them to the White House ceremony, she endorses Joe Biden for president, and then he is caught sniffing her hair.

All that for +10000 odds? If people are going to start putting in ridiculous requests like this, what’s stopping someone from having a friend put in a request for you to storm the field during the game, pull your pants down, and reveal a Taylor Swift tattoo on your behind?

Sure, it might land you in jail for a night, but if you can hit a prop pick with odds like this, it might be worth it.

For those wondering, there are props available for an unauthorized person to run onto the field during the game. You can bet on their gender, and you can bet if they will be out there for over/under 17.5 seconds. At the very least, you know a guy is going to do it if it happens.

The End

Las Vegas Is Invaded by Aliens and the Game Ends in a Tie

  • Yes: (+100000)

The award for the weirdest Super Bowl prop was an easy call. This case of peak internet in 2024 requires that aliens are going to invade Las Vegas and the game is going to end in a tie according to this requested prop.

To entertain this one, how exactly does it work? The sportsbook offers no guidance. The game cannot end in a tie as it is a playoff game, so there are no ties. They would play on for as long as possible until there is a winner, which means we’d also get to see the new overtime rules for the postseason that we have yet to see used.

Would the game even be broadcast long enough for it to be called a tie if the aliens invade the stadium and start frying up people like in Mars Attacks!, the 1996 Tim Burton film? Or would it be more like the 1996 classic Independence Day where they just use their giant ship to start a massive explosion and ball of fire? Could this be the last game Tony Romo ever calls for CBS? If it’s a tie, does Patrick Mahomes have 2.5 rings?

Even if you by chance win this prop, will the aliens leave enough of our planet intact for it to be paid out? Will money still matter in the post-invasion wasteland? Are the aliens only coming now because they need to know what this Taylor Swift craze on Earth is all about and they know she’ll be there?

Hug your loved ones and enjoy the game, folks.

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