Patrick Mahomes Not Thrilled Shirtless Photo Showing Off His Dad Bod Is Going Viral


Patrick Mahomes has given some self-confidence to every dad in the world with one single photo, but he isn’t exactly happy about it.

After leading the Kansas City Chiefs to their second straight Super Bowl appearance with a win over the Baltimore Ravens, ‘Inside The NFL’ was able to get a camera inside the team’s locker room to capture Kansas City’s celebration.

After head coach Andy Reid fired his players up with a “we’re not finished” message, a shirtless Mahomes stepped into the frame and shouted, “Great job today, but like I’ve been saying, we ain’t done yet!”

There’s nothing special about Mahomes’ postgame comments, that’s a message that’s been said thousands of times inside locker rooms, but what was special about the moment was Mahomes’ physique.

While most NFL fans probably weren’t expecting Mahomes to be shredded, they also weren’t expecting the best quarterback in the NFL to have a quintessential dad bod either.

Not to brag or anything, but I have the exact same physique as Patrick Mahomes, and I think plenty of 30-something-year-old dads who take average care of their bodies and enjoy a few cold snacks can say the same thing. He’s a little bit better at throwing a football than all of us, but at least we’re similar in one aspect.

Mahomes had some fun on X, formerly Twitter, after realizing that his shirtless photo had gone viral.

It’s good to know that one of the best athletes in the world can’t escape the depths of the dad bod. Mahomes has two young kids and a wife he has to keep up with off the field, it’s easy to let the body go a little bit, even if you’re net worth is pushing $100 million.

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