Holy Cross’ Swim Team Hilariously Employs Free Throw Line Distraction Against Boston U


Dudes being dudes.

Holy Cross men’s basketball received a special assist from the university’s swim team on Monday against Boston University (8-13).

The men’s swimming and diving crew wanted to distract the visiting Terriers team, so they lined up in their Speedos behind the basket when Boston U shot free throws.

The swimmers ran as a school — jumping in and out of the action, as the Holy Cross team needed them.

Not all heroes wear capes; some of them wear man thongs.


Monday’s home game for Holy Cross at Hart Center Arena proved to be a blessing for the Crusaders: beating Boston U, 65-63.

The Turnpike Trophy clash rained on Boston University’s party after the Terriers defeated Lafayette, who sit atop the Patriot League, on Saturday.

Holy Cross employing the swim team, deliberately or not, is the type of psychological advantage that separates the GOODs from the GREATs; though at 6-16 after the win, Holy Cross prays to climb out of basketball Limbo.

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